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Typical spoletinian cake during carnival. Originally this recipe had ingredients no more used nowadays, like e.g. chicken broth, we use milk instead. This recipe has been revised to match all tastes.

4 eggs
g.250 sugar
l 0,5 milk
g.50 cocoa powder
g.50 melting chocolate
g.300 macaroons
g.200 shaken sponge-cake

Adding some candied fruits, some smashed walnuts or half glass of maraschino is optional. Scramble the eggs and add all other ingredients; lay it on a pyrex buttered and floured. The mixture must be high about cm.2. Bake about 20 minutes at 150 degrees.


Umbrian cake during carnival.

6 eggs
6 Tablespoon sugar
6 Tablespoon olive oil
half lemon and half orange, both grated
g.40 citrate
1 baking-powder bag
g.150 maraschino
g.100 milk to melt citrate and baking-powder

Mix all ingredients adding floor until you get a soft dough. Mould big gnocchi and fry in plentiful hot oil (about 150°), strain, sprinkle with sugar and finally spray with alchermes.

Spelt salade:
Boil some broth pouring in it spelt grains (gr 30 each person), simmer about 20-25 minutes and then strain without cooling under fresh water and leave it cool instead in a large container. Once it's cold pour olive oil and dress like a typical russian salad: hashed pickled vegetables in vinegar, wurstel, tuna, Fontina sliced in small dices, small artichokes in oil. This is a summer dish, it can be kept some days in fridge.
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Stringozzi alla spoletina:
Widely used in spoletinian diet, but also often requested by tourists. It's a pasta made from a 3-4 millimeters thin sheet of pastry whose ingredients are flour, water and egg albumen,cut with a a thickness of about two millimeters. Cook three minutes in abundant boiling water and flavour with the "fake sauce" (as it is called in Spoleto).
The "fake sauce" is really simple: brown a chopped garlic and olive oil base and later add some parsley, hashed red pepper and dress with some white wine, should be time to pour tomato sauce, a sprinkle of salt, and boil about ten minutes (many years ago people were used to add slices of pigskin but nowadays it doesn't happen anymore). While dressing the pasta pour few drops of olive oil and some fresh minced basil, do not add cheese.

Cornet trout:
Fish widely spread in local rivers (Clitunno, Topino, Nera) Clean inside trouts weighting 400g each, and put them in an aluminium cornet with some sauce made this way: lightly flavour some chopped garlic with olive oil, add smashed parsley and sprinkle with some wine white adding these ingredients chopped proportionally to your taste: capers, anchovies, red peppers, green olives. Top with two lemon slices, few drops of olive oil and put in oven about 30 minutes. Open the cornet just when it's in your dish so to enjoy also how good it smells.

Noodles with trout and truffle: two ingredients widely used in Umbria.
Clean trouts and put them about three minutes in a pan with some olive oil and cover (this way the trout is well skinned and bones are taken off) then clean, finely slice it and put in a pan where previously some garlic has been browned with olive oil, cook for a few minutes and sprinkle with wine white, add minced parsley, half teaspoon of milk cream for each portion, whisk well and take off the kitchen stove. Pour the pasta in the sauce and flavour sprinkling few drops of olive oil, if needed use, some water used to cook the pasta, before serving top with some grated truffle. If truffles are not available one can make a cheap variant putting some julien-sliced zucchini while cooking the trout.

Grated onion soup:
Cut the onion in julien mode and brown in a frying-pan with olive oil, be careful not to burn it and pour a ladle of water from time to time. Join with a vellutata base in even parts (the Vellutata is a béchamel with broth instead of milk) parmesan and one yolk. Pour over toasted bread in buttered pyrex and let gratin, take out of the oven and sprinkle with some parmesan.

Small basket with truffled lamb:
Slice the lamb, expecially shoulder and chop, wash with white wine and cook in a container where previously some garlic have been browned with some onion in olive oil, place some lemon slices, bring to cooking and wet with white wine. Once the cooking is done, fully drain from cooking broth, fix salt and pepper amount, take some flour and mix with cool water to make acream (one ladle of water and 2-3 tablespoon flour) paying attention so that not to clot. Mix cream with cooking broth you drained before, add some chopped capers and pour the mixture in the container.
Lay the stew in the small basket made by salt pasta (50% flour, 50% salt, bake at 180°) and top it with truffle slices or, even better, truffle sauce made by you.

Truffle sauce:
You need fresh truffles, also frozens can do, most important thing is that they're still frozen when you're ready to use them. Grind or beat up truffles until they become like big salt grains, in the meantime brown some garlic in abundant olive oil (every 100 gr of truffles you need a teaspoon of chopped garlic and half glass of oil) paying attention not to burn it. Now we can take out the garlic or leave it, add half teaspoon of ground pepper and take it out of the kitchen stove. Add truffle, fix the salt amount and add again some olive oil. This sauce is to be kept in fridge. One can prepare the day before pouring abundant olive oil so that the truffle flavours the whole thing.

Spelt soup:
This dish have been rediscovered by umbrian restaurants during last years. Prepare a base of celery and minced onion, brown with olive oil, add some smoked diced ham, wet with some white wine and let dry off. Add minced tomato and simmer ten minutes, pour spelt grains (g.40 each person) keeping on simmering like it was risotto. A fine cooking add pecorino cheese and olive oil, serving with toasted bread slices.